Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thursday 13th January

Saw some fantastic quilts at a show at Christies yesterday form the American Museum in Bath - they are celebrating their 50th anniversary and so brought some of the quilts up to London. A beautiful star of Bethlehem which would be wonderful to do in modern bright fabrics - worth a thought.

Just walked back from the shopping centre and photographed the local adult education college - the three photos show the vertical struts changing colour

The discipline of taking my camera with me is beginning to pay off and I hope to be able to do more snapping out and above.

The quilting on my current quilt is going well and I hope to finish the border tonight. Here is a sneak preview - a better photo will appear when the quilt is finished.

Then I have to start on the preparation for next week's class. One of the girls has bought her fabric and it needs to be washed and ironed before I can cut all the pieces out. Another needs to have blocks ironed so that she can finish putting the top together and another needs lines drawn on her stars so she can complete her hand quilting.  I love doing it all but it does mean that I won't get a lot of my own quilting done this weekend.