Saturday, 2 October 2010

Violet Purple

Oops! I have been busy with new classes and then doing a talk for a quilt group and just realised it is already October!

So, the Colour for October is Violet or Purple. I have learned that the term is different depending which side of the pond you are from. Here in the UK and in some Commonwealth countries, I think, when you talk about the colour wheel, you find violet across from yellow. But if you find colour wheels on the Internet, the same position is taken up with purple!

And then today at the talk for the quilt group, a lady showed her pink and "purple" quilt but said it was pinks and mauves!

So, whatever you call it. Lets have Violet and Purple for the colour for October!

and here is a chair from the library in Reading!
and a quote from my son when he was discovering colours that went together.
"Pink is Purple's friend."