Sunday, 15 August 2010

Letter - H

The prompt for the rest of August is for things having to do with the Letter H.

When you compose your post, it would be great if you could choose H for the label box before clicking on publish. If you click on Show All, next to the labels box, you can select the right label for the prompt you are responding to. (I'd like to keep the labels relevant to the prompts, though, so please don't add new ones.)

I really like the range of things we find around us starting with different letters. Sort of an artist's "eye spy" game.

H is for Hole...(or home?)

Just a heads-up for the end of August. If you haven't done a Featured Blog post about your blog, you can do one on the 31st of this month. It would be fun to hear more about your blog and the sorts of things that become inspiration for you to post about there.