Saturday, 5 June 2010

Hello from a new participant!

Greetings, everyone!  I'm Kathy Loomis and I live in Kentucky, USA.  I have just been invited to join this group and am looking forward to sharing and learning. I have been a fulltime fiber artist since retiring almost ten years ago from a career in journalism and corporate communication. People used to ask politely whether I planned to do creative writing with all my free time in retirement, and I would say heck no, writing is what you do when they pay you.

But this year I embarked upon a performance art project in which I resolved to take a photograph every day, and it seemed like a good idea to start a blog to post the daily photo.  About that time I discovered Linda's blog of daily photos (I'm so happy that she's in this group too) and have decided that we were obviously separated at birth because we seem to gravitate toward the same kind of places and the same kinds of photos.

Since then, to my own surprise, blogging has become an important aspect of my art life, not just for posting photos, and I invite you to visit me there.

In keeping with the turquoise theme, here are some photos I’ve taken this year as part of my daily art project.