Wednesday, 26 May 2010

E is for Eddystone Light

A little while back when I decided I wanted to do semi-traditional patchwork I got very taken by a block called "Eddystone Light"
First I played with value, the top left hand corner block is the "traditional" value layout as far as I can tell which is what I ended up using,
Colour variations
Next I wanted to see what happens to a block if you start subtracting and/or adding dividing lines to the patches that make up the block. Because of the endless possibilities I set myself some parameters: I could not alter the centre and the block should maintain its symmetry. These are the possible blocks within these restrictions except for #1 which would be all squares
Possible blocks
I then started to plan a quilt using some of the possible blocks. I tried about 20 lay-outs before I came to one I liked well enough to maybe into a quilt. The blocks are placed with 1/3 drop per column and moved 1/3 to the left in each row. This creates a void which I have filled in with 4 patch pinwheel blocks
Chosen design from around 20 possible
This of course is only a value based quilt design. I have chosen some fabrics and also done some colour work based on this design. I may or may not piece the quilt. If not I have learned an awful lot form this exercise.