Thursday, 14 January 2010

FYI: updated blogger editor

I have been reading about an updated Blogger editor from some people on another group. and then I needed to set up a group blog for the textile art group I belong to. So, I chose the updated editor and found it gave it to me for all the blogs for which I am admin.

So, if you are confused when go come on here to post, that is why. Perhaps it will be easier for those who struggled with the old one. But if you have even more problems, let me know, and I will go back to the old one.

Apparently it means you can load photos in sequence better. This is how it was explained...
"Click the image box to add an image. You can upload as many photos -
jpegs, pngs, tiffs as you want BUT the difference is they are only
uploaded as thumbnails - ie they are NOT actually uploaded to your
blog posting until you click on the photo and say OK. I have uploaded
as many as a dozen images in this way - 8 per page so I had 2 pages
in my case and was able to go from page 1 to 2 or vice-versa to select
the images I wanted.
A pale yellow box shows around the image when you select. Now click OK
and the image will post to you blog entry. Now add text ... (if you
To add the next image to your posting go to the format line at the
top of the blog post and click the image box again. You will be taken
back to the image uploader page with ALL the photos/images thumbnails
you previously uploaded. Now highligh the image you want and click OK
again. This second image will now post to the blog entry at the
position your cursor was at before you clicked the upload image box.
Continue in this way going between blog posting and image uploader to
select the images you want in the order you want them. Remember to
press OK or your images will not go to the post entry."

Please leave a comment about how it is working for you. I will delete this post after a week or so.