Sunday, 31 January 2010

Featuring - Monday Artday

I have decided to include a featured blog sort of post now and again. Well, at least every month that has 31 days. Okay that might sound pretty arbitrary! LOL But that will keep our prompts at 2 week intervals and still keep them on the 1st and 14/15th of the month.

From what I can tell the idea of blogs with prompts started with the Illustration Friday blog, which works as a sort of feedblog collecting info from artists who post to the prompt which has been set. For sometime now, I have come across textile artists who have used the blog for practice exercises without actually being signed up to it. Following on from that, there are now many blogs with prompts or where the author posts a series of inspirational photos. A look at these might help to give you ideas for this blog or to help jump start an idea for future work...or even just something else to look at!

So, here is one to investigate for this month.

Monday Artday  - Every Monday a new challenge is posted, which ends two weeks after it begins. So, there is always an overlap. Some people also post other work unrelated to the prompt.

I like Monday Artday better than Illustration Friday because I don't have to go chasing round links to see what has been posted in response to the prompt. (Well, if Illustration Friday has a way to view these, I haven't found it.) Anyway, the contributions on Monday Artday seem to be mostly by Illustrators or Cartoonists. Most of the work is very impressive. It is interesting to see how artists from other disciplines respond to regular inspirational challenges.