Sunday, 24 January 2010

A's (picture heavy - sorry)

Who would have thought that a few A's thrown around could create so many possibilities? Although I played a bit with manipulating letters when we had the "Distortion of Memory" idea it is years since I last played with using letters to create patterns which is what I have been up to this week-end. I am afraid it has only been on the computer so no finished item to show. Lots of images though. Here is a small selection:
1. A quilting design for a border

2. A border design for a provenceaux style fabric in 2 slightly different colour ways

3. An overall fabric or wall paper design on 2 different backgrounds

4. A possibility for stained glass (Art Nouveau style)

5. My absolute favourite that personally I would use as a digitized motif embroidered or partly appliqué partly embroidered in various sizes. I cold go on playing with this for a very long time. It, too, has an Art Nouveau feeling to it. It could equally well be turned into an overall print for a fabric. I have played in 3 colour ways with this design

The pictures seem to land where ever they like today. Sorry! I use Picasa for my blog photos/pictures and I have had a lot of problems since New Year. Hope it sorts itself out soon.
Thank you, Sandy, for providing us with another idea. I have had lots of fun!