Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thoughts and Ideas

So, a New Year and a New Decade is starting!

Helen has given us some great ideas for inspiration in starting this blog. However, as I have visited your blogs, I have noticed that most of us are up to our ears in various other challenges and making art. So, somehow we didn't get on very well with actually following her ideas through to the actual part of making the art!

On the other hand, remember the excellent prompts Helen gave us at the Doodle Day blog and the Today's Title blog? It seems we all benefited from something which didn't have the pressure of a well-finished product.

I thought it might be fun to go back to those quick ways of capturing an idea or concept through a photo or a doodle...or any other method you like. (However, finished work won't be turned away!) To make things a bit easier, I thought we might start with ideas which are a bit more general. We can see how it goes and then perhaps introduce something which requires more thought now and again.

I am proposing for each challenge to last 2 weeks, in order to give time for everyone to have a chance to participate. This means there will generally be 2 prompts a month. To begin with, one prompt will relate to colour and the other will relate to letters of the alphabet. The prompts will begin tomorrow, 1 Jan, 2010 with a colour word.

I am looking forward to seeing what ideas come to your minds!

Please do comment with any suggestions you might have.