Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Language - Sandy

I am quite busy at present, so I am posting one I did earlier this year. I hadn't heard of Kurt Shwitters, but when I did a Google image, I was amazed to see the links with some of the current fragment textile work that is popular. When I made this I was inspired by the look of some of the collage work of Karen Stiehl Osborne.

For this piece I used pages from old dictionaries from other languages and tourist phrase books. They have been sprayed with various antiquing inks. I also stamped "cuniform" transliteration of the word "Language". and wrote the word for language from various countries. It is all fused together onto a backing fabric print that looks like writing. and unified by fusing a thin paperlike fabric over all. That fabric already has words printed on, which look like they are from vintage documents. The "heads" are also of a similar fabric in green.