Saturday, 12 September 2009

# 3 Monotone

I started this soon after the 18th Aug and had a very firm idea in my head what I wanted to do. My starting point is a photo my husband took for me of some ivy plants we had bought for the garden.

I cropped it and played with it in my IM program using various filters etc. (something I don't usually do) and came up with these 2

My next step was to have been to play with my digitizing program using it's auto-digitizing facility but that has been driving me up the wall so what I have learned from this exercise is that auto-digitizing is not for me! I have, however, been playing with the fill options available and at some stage I am going to play around with one of the 2 designs above and see what I can do with it. Unfortunately right now I have other things on my mind so it's a project for the future.