Saturday, 1 August 2009

distortion of memory

Thank you for a great start to this new blog everyone! I love the originality that can come from one idea... great work!!

I could go on through different flowers, and probably will come back to them, as they're a great source of inspiration. This time though I've had in mind the way reflective surfaces bends images, particularly curved glass. I'm interested in the way our memories represent events and the distortion, like a curved glass or metal surface, that time brings to that memory. The subject is an opportunity to look at something from the past as a reflection or distortion... maybe the surface itself is key to the image... for example a beer/wine glass, or perhaps it's a crystal ball. Perhaps it's a simple reflection from a pan lid or a kettle.

This one actually requires a bit of study of capturing images from curved reflective surfaces but there's more to it. The other element is to make sure that what's reflected is a poignant memory of some sort. Perhaps its fields of daisies from a child's perspective, where the close up daisies look huge in the reflection. This is just one example but you'll get what I mean I'm sure :)

This beautiful pencil drawing is by Escher and gives you an idea of working with curved glass reflections.