Friday, 24 July 2009

Foxglove - Sandy

I wasn't quite sure how this new blog was supposed to develop. I really enjoyed the sketches/doodles. But it seems this wants to be a bit more. I have a lot of creative work I do, but appreciate prompts from elsewhere to fuel the part of my brain that develops work to comes out in the future. I haven't got time to do more resolved pieces. However, after seeing Marianne's post, I realised I could use these ideas for design prompts rather than for making completed work.

So, I decided to do a similar thing and just make up a quick little something which I can go back to and explore further some other time.

At first foxglove was difficult because they come in May around here and are far gone. But I do love them. I was starting to think of making a little thing with silk and crystals... and maybe more than one... and so on!
And so, rather than the detailed time consuming thing in my head, here is a little something that will pin the idea down so that I can come back to it. I might even make little things like this as a bit of a practice for 3D work, (but it will depend on the prompt) and I can keep them in a little treasure box.

I am also a seamstress and a textile artist. Besides the little bell like pieces, which could be on the end of lacing, I was also thinking it could work as bell sleeves.

I won't be so verbal in the future, but I appreciated Marianne's honesty about not knowing where to head with this. Maybe it will help someone else to get a start.