Sunday, 12 July 2009

#1 foxgloves

For me foxgloves spell midsummer.

"Tall shafts of glorious pinks and purples in a whole range of tones with soft and subtle hues shading each stem.
Gloves for fox paws, soft little shoes, hanging bunched on swaying poles.
Dappled interiors highlight shady spots and mark a treasure path to a silky pod-like vessel."

Background of idea:
I took this montage of photos around the old castle grounds. Growing in derelict soils and recently cleared areas of bush, swaths of these foxgloves caught my eye. I love the association with foxes paws which are indeed ever so small and neat. A long while ago I did a batik of foxgloves growing and have since seen several similar pieces from other people. Its an image which lends itself to this kind of work, especially with the white edges around the spots of the interior.

I hope you'll find something here in the words and images that gives you a sense of "foxglove". What is it's essence? Is it the pod-like shapes with flared entrances, the spots, a more distant view of soft spires of colour? Colour, shape, textures, patterns... they are all there for you to be selective with.

Have fun creating some art from this idea :D - what you produce from it is totally up to you.

When you post up your piece please use only the label of the original post - thanks

a murderous beauty

p.s. Celia asked about contributing ideas... if at any time you want to offer some new topics please send them to me with any pics via my email address info[at]hebart[dot]co[dot]uk